Products i’ve used up / empties

Hi everyone!

I recently finished up some of my stuffs and thought i’d just put it up here (: not alot of things to share and they are mostly sample/mini sized ones so its actually not really a massive amount hahah.


This is an ingenious product for those mornings when you wake up late to wash your hair before going to work, or when i’m heading to the gym during the weekends but my hair is yucky and oily :s love love love how light this is and how good it smells! basically this is like a shampoo in a spray and it makes my hair feels so refreshed! i purchasd the travel sized one from watsons for $4 and finished this up quite some time ago. Full-sized bottle purchased already too, in the scent “lace”!


So L’oreal came out with their “ever..” series and i needed a travel sized conditioner to bring along for gym. decided to try this one that’s new and got the eversleek one for smoother, sleeker (duh) hair. finally ran out of it and i’m still searching for a new conditioner to try! However, i like the “ever” series and have since ran out and got the Evercreme leave in conditioner! Too bad its a full sized one so i cant bring it along to gym.

100ml 8991380700609

tanaka white

Again, 2 travel sized facial foam for gym. ahahha all these seem to be stuffs that i’ve been using up in the gym lol. Nothing much to rave about, they’re just pretty standard facial wash that do what they are supposed to.

sephora eyeliner

Now, this sephora liquid liner is my 2nd bottle that i finished and it says something about this liner because i like to try out new stuffs and will normally purchase a new line to experiment. Thing is i didnt even get to know about this first hand! got it for a birthday present i think 2-3 years ago and immediately fell in love with how tiny the applicator is. So when i finished that, i purchased the 2nd bottle myself!

However, i noticed that this liner smudges below my outer eye corners recently so i’m looking around for a water-proof formula for my next eyeliner!

Ok that’s all for today! I think i will share my shower/hygiene routine & the products that i’ve been using next. till then, ciao ❤


where has 2013 gone?

its been a while now since i last blogged, and i know i keep saying this to start off my blog posts but this time its REALLY quite a while since i’ve updated. last time i checked, the last entry was September 2012 and right now, its Aug 2013. wow almost a year!

i guess blogging is just going to eat up too much time with the typing and loading the pictures and all that. so i admit ive been lazy oopsie. and seriously where has 2013 gone? its flying by too fast!

in a real brief summary, these are what ive been up to or what has happened this year to date:
1) i’ve passed my 1 year mark at SCS in June and gone through 2 RACs (that’s crazy)
2) Don & i have signed the lease to our BTO in Jul and it should be ready in 2017 or early 2018
3) completed my 1st marathon: Pocari Sweat Run 5km (short distance for regular runners but it felt like 50km to me lol)
4) settled in to my current rented house at Pasir Ris & successfully decorated my room in white and pink accents (yay!)
5) coloured my hair red for CNY this year but it faded within weeks to a brown 😦
6) finally bought my 1st insurance policy: hospitalisation & rider
7) switched from blackberry to iphone 5
8) left Pure Yoga and joined True Fitness, and i’ve been loving Body Combat!
9) attended 3 friends’ weddings
10) been really into make up and trying out beauty stuffs, thanks to the youtubers that i follow who have been introducing interesting products!

so enough of the wordy update, here are some pictures from the very recent JB 2D1N trip that i took over the long hariraya-nationalday long break with don, yuanyu and her boyfriend:

Yuanyu with the spread

Day 1 lunch: Hakka food

The hotel that we stayed in


Don & my room: Mystique/Mysterious Blue (?)

Yuanyu & her <3

Day 1 dinner: Da Ma Market

Cereal Crayfish

Sambal stingray with special thai onion condiments

Da Ma Market

newly opened Xu Liu Shan at City Sq!

favourite buys!

We always make it a point to check out Etude House in JB because their prices are cheaper than SG and they are always having some sort of a sale. So true enough, they were having a 1-for-1 deal and Yuanyu & i had to grab some of their nail polishes. i finally got my hands on the ice cream cone series that they launched, isnt the packaging the cutest?! and i’m currently wearing the shrek/bright green polish, its so unique!!

its our first time double-dating and we went all the way to JB hahha quite adventurous huh? but i’d say that all of us got along well and the trip was awesome, lots of laughs and the guys bonded over waiting for us girls taking our time in shops hahah. definitely looking forward to short trips together again in the future if time allows 😀

and now, here are some outfit shots that i like, all taken over a period of almost a year obviously hahah:








I will come back soon, i promise, with some reviews on products that i’ve been loving this year. Till then, i’m looking forward to how the month of August will unfold for me (:

current favourites

i’ve been quite into skin care these few weeks and these are some of the stuff that i use a lot recently:

1) Nyx round lipstic ($6)

was very tempted to get the nyx round lipstic online, but i read the reviews and almost everyone said that the online swatches turned out world apart from the real product. so i got this from Smoochiezz roadshow at Tanjong Pagar mrt, and dragged my colleagues along too hahaha. wanted a pink lipstick and this is qt perfect(:

the shade PARIS that i got is purple-based so the pink is abit neon-ish, which is something im super not used to. but i tame it with a coat of chanel’s nude lipstick in VELVET and they look so good!

2) nyx jumbo eye pencil

this is abit of a splurge (although it was like less than $10) because this pencil is so jumbo like its name that normal makeup sharpener wont do. but i didnt wanna spend money on the jumbo this can last me up to where the crayon ends on the picture above 😦

use this on the inner corners of my eyes and on the waterline. definitely makes the eyes more ‘alive’! and i love the fact that its not as harsh as white eyeliners too, totally digging this champagne colour.

3) Skin Food Wash-Off mask series

I know Skin Food is not the most popular brand of skin care / masks right now, but i figured it should be pretty good since its made from natural ingredients. read some pretty good reviews on this as well and was choosing the type of mask that i wanted for SO LONG because there was a decent array of choices.

Finally decided on a tub of Cucumber (soothing) mask & 2 sample packs of the Rice and Black Sugar (exfoliating) mask. 1 pack comes with 10 sachets so i had 20 sachets of the exfoliating masks. purchased these from Gmarket and everything adds up to S$20 which is a pretty awesome steal!

Just tried the Black Sugar mask and its really good. my skin feels instantly (i kid you not) smoother and softer:D definitely trying the Rice mask this weekend, cant wait!

4) Amethystory Eye Contour Brightening Roller

Been wanting to get an eye-roller for the longest time, but they’re not cheap so i wasnt ready to spend on it yet. but guardian was having a 50% sale at Plaza Sing and i had time to spare during some work event, so i went over to take a look. Amethystory series was having like their whole line of products on 50% off so i decided to get the eye roller! used this in the morning before applying my make up and at night before i sleep (not too sure if its ok to use it that way tho). no visible results yet, but i guess it takes time right!

i got this at $6ish which was a damn good deal la!! wanted to try their other products too but i controlled(:


last week was a really rough week, there were tears and heart aches and headaches due to multiple reasons and happenings. but im glad that i/we pulled through it together. some things said that night struck me alot and i couldnt imagine having to deal with the loss & pain. so imma reflect & pray more and surrender myself to God’s will. Deep in my heart i know for sure that this is what i want, and i hope i will improve and strengthen your faith in me, and in us.

If you’re reading this, you know who you are and what this paragraph is about. let’s continue to be that pillar of support for each other, i love you.

i am broke_girl89

once again, the weekend just flew by and its back to work again tomorrow T.T but i havent had too bad of a Monday blues ever since i left ocbc so all’s good(:

daddy was here the past 1 week because its Hari Raya holiday in indo, and being a muslim country, they have 1 week’s worth of holiday omg so awesomeposum. yay to more indomee goreng (all-time-fave / i can totally eat it every day)!

i am supposed to be logged on to my ocbc & posb internet banking to pay my credit card bills and house rent but its such a painful process to see my money going into another bank account. so i’m prolonging the process by doing up this blogpost first. le sigh.

pictures updates again!

this is from last friday before the long hari raya weekend lol so outdated. met up w yuanyu and we shopped at vivo, where we became bimbos going ga-ga over Hello Kitty items at Daiso:

some outfit pictures to work, some of these i tweeted & doing this has been encouraging me to dress up more to work and not be so lazy hahha

the picture above isnt very clear, but i was wearing my peplum navy blazer from Catwalkclose and a black textured bodycon ($10 from bugis street eons ago lol), topped with a tinge of gold for my necklace & belt. i was looking abit more corporate & got compliments from the ladies at work yay!

….and its actually because i had a meeting with a group of people from this company who wanna donate to us:

followed by an awesome dinner at Sarang (Orchard Central) with the timon people. i loveeeeee loveeee the food at Sarang. we had the set menu for 6 (for 7 of us) and we got to try so many different dishes + appetizers + dessert + rice wine (which is super good too i had 3 servings hahha).

some of them went on for a movie after dinner, but i am brokezzz plus not in the mood for a movie, so i skipped it. ended up shopping at Forever21 with eleanor though hahahhaha ironic much.

brought don to First Thai at Purvis Street, after i had it some time back with the red cross squaddies. i think the food during my first visit was better, don think its so-so too but we still ate our fill(:

neon yellow top: $15 from F21, lips: nyx lipstick in Paris & nyx extreme lip cream in Nude Peach Fuzz, armcandies: had them since forever but only bothered to take them out that day.

been spending money on small little things these few days with the mindset that i am gonna clear alot of my older stuff at next Sunday’s flea. URGH why am i such a spendthrift?!

okay that’s it, gonna face up to my finance matters now, bye!

typing with bright yellow nails

today at work, we’ve been spending the afternoon getting inspirations for our daffodil flower baskets (for RAC’12 sponsors). so i was staring at yellow for the longest time: google image, artificial flower shop at Arab St and getting down to doing the art itself back in the office. so i guess the colour kind of grew to me haahha:

i actually already had this shade of Etude house nail polish since last year (?) but always thought the colour was too bright. esp for work. but im loving it so far (lol its only been a few hours).

recently also downloaded a new photo editting app from BBAppworld for free (yay!) and it has way more filters which i like so been taking random pictures:

everything with ‘mypicstory’ at the bottom left corner = editted with BB app. nice right?! anw the bf has started yet another semester of school, i aim to be less dependant on him so more yoga it is.

till the next post, bye!

favouritest colleagues

its amazing how close we’ve grown through 1.5 months of gruesome training + 4 months of being in the same team back in our oc days. im certain i wont survive those times without these lovelies and so glad that we have all moved on to a better place(:

the very much awaited brunch date with them at Hatched (holland v’s branch) was beyond fun. been wanting to try the eggs at Hatched but it turned out so-so, which was disappointing because the prices are pretty steep & comparable to Wild Honey i’d say. but the ambiance & decor was nice for brunch with girlfriends.

spamming photos from today, because i love them so much:

planning another one towards the end of the month to celebrate yq’s bday, cant wait!!!

on a side note, my body is aching from the cumulative 7 classes of yoga this week. gonna go for 1 more to make it 8 in a week #jawdrops. making my membership worth it with my best yoga buddy sheirly hehhehe.

sad that my leave is ending soon, but im fully recharged & ready for work again on Monday!  1 more day to make full use of tomorrow(:

midweek thrill

its wednesday and work has ended for me this week! EXTRA LONG WEEKEND ftw!! 😀 clearing my earned time from all the weekends and OTs from before the race hahahha yay 😀

gonna spend the time to catch up on my yoga (its amazing how my body remembers how to do the poses, but aches so bad after because of the lack of practice) and also cleaning up the house. so, some pictures from last week and the beginning of this week:

ok so as usual i am v lazy to describe every photo, but in a nutshell:
1) carousel buffet lunch paid by my director to celebrate the success of the race + colleague’s bday + last day for part-time colleague (hence the cards)
2) manicure date with yuanyu using my $10 voucher at Pink Parlour (FEP). loving the deep shade of teal that i picked ❤
3) my ootd today and i gotta rush out now!

till the next update!