favouritest colleagues

its amazing how close we’ve grown through 1.5 months of gruesome training + 4 months of being in the same team back in our oc days. im certain i wont survive those times without these lovelies and so glad that we have all moved on to a better place(:

the very much awaited brunch date with them at Hatched (holland v’s branch) was beyond fun. been wanting to try the eggs at Hatched but it turned out so-so, which was disappointing because the prices are pretty steep & comparable to Wild Honey i’d say. but the ambiance & decor was nice for brunch with girlfriends.

spamming photos from today, because i love them so much:

planning another one towards the end of the month to celebrate yq’s bday, cant wait!!!

on a side note, my body is aching from the cumulative 7 classes of yoga this week. gonna go for 1 more to make it 8 in a week #jawdrops. making my membership worth it with my best yoga buddy sheirly hehhehe.

sad that my leave is ending soon, but im fully recharged & ready for work again on Monday!  1 more day to make full use of tomorrow(:


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