i am broke_girl89

once again, the weekend just flew by and its back to work again tomorrow T.T but i havent had too bad of a Monday blues ever since i left ocbc so all’s good(:

daddy was here the past 1 week because its Hari Raya holiday in indo, and being a muslim country, they have 1 week’s worth of holiday omg so awesomeposum. yay to more indomee goreng (all-time-fave / i can totally eat it every day)!

i am supposed to be logged on to my ocbc & posb internet banking to pay my credit card bills and house rent but its such a painful process to see my money going into another bank account. so i’m prolonging the process by doing up this blogpost first. le sigh.

pictures updates again!

this is from last friday before the long hari raya weekend lol so outdated. met up w yuanyu and we shopped at vivo, where we became bimbos going ga-ga over Hello Kitty items at Daiso:

some outfit pictures to work, some of these i tweeted & doing this has been encouraging me to dress up more to work and not be so lazy hahha

the picture above isnt very clear, but i was wearing my peplum navy blazer from Catwalkclose and a black textured bodycon ($10 from bugis street eons ago lol), topped with a tinge of gold for my necklace & belt. i was looking abit more corporate & got compliments from the ladies at work yay!

….and its actually because i had a meeting with a group of people from this company who wanna donate to us:

followed by an awesome dinner at Sarang (Orchard Central) with the timon people. i loveeeeee loveeee the food at Sarang. we had the set menu for 6 (for 7 of us) and we got to try so many different dishes + appetizers + dessert + rice wine (which is super good too i had 3 servings hahha).

some of them went on for a movie after dinner, but i am brokezzz plus not in the mood for a movie, so i skipped it. ended up shopping at Forever21 with eleanor though hahahhaha ironic much.

brought don to First Thai at Purvis Street, after i had it some time back with the red cross squaddies. i think the food during my first visit was better, don think its so-so too but we still ate our fill(:

neon yellow top: $15 from F21, lips: nyx lipstick in Paris & nyx extreme lip cream in Nude Peach Fuzz, armcandies: had them since forever but only bothered to take them out that day.

been spending money on small little things these few days with the mindset that i am gonna clear alot of my older stuff at next Sunday’s flea. URGH why am i such a spendthrift?!

okay that’s it, gonna face up to my finance matters now, bye!


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