current favourites

i’ve been quite into skin care these few weeks and these are some of the stuff that i use a lot recently:

1) Nyx round lipstic ($6)

was very tempted to get the nyx round lipstic online, but i read the reviews and almost everyone said that the online swatches turned out world apart from the real product. so i got this from Smoochiezz roadshow at Tanjong Pagar mrt, and dragged my colleagues along too hahaha. wanted a pink lipstick and this is qt perfect(:

the shade PARIS that i got is purple-based so the pink is abit neon-ish, which is something im super not used to. but i tame it with a coat of chanel’s nude lipstick in VELVET and they look so good!

2) nyx jumbo eye pencil

this is abit of a splurge (although it was like less than $10) because this pencil is so jumbo like its name that normal makeup sharpener wont do. but i didnt wanna spend money on the jumbo this can last me up to where the crayon ends on the picture above 😦

use this on the inner corners of my eyes and on the waterline. definitely makes the eyes more ‘alive’! and i love the fact that its not as harsh as white eyeliners too, totally digging this champagne colour.

3) Skin Food Wash-Off mask series

I know Skin Food is not the most popular brand of skin care / masks right now, but i figured it should be pretty good since its made from natural ingredients. read some pretty good reviews on this as well and was choosing the type of mask that i wanted for SO LONG because there was a decent array of choices.

Finally decided on a tub of Cucumber (soothing) mask & 2 sample packs of the Rice and Black Sugar (exfoliating) mask. 1 pack comes with 10 sachets so i had 20 sachets of the exfoliating masks. purchased these from Gmarket and everything adds up to S$20 which is a pretty awesome steal!

Just tried the Black Sugar mask and its really good. my skin feels instantly (i kid you not) smoother and softer:D definitely trying the Rice mask this weekend, cant wait!

4) Amethystory Eye Contour Brightening Roller

Been wanting to get an eye-roller for the longest time, but they’re not cheap so i wasnt ready to spend on it yet. but guardian was having a 50% sale at Plaza Sing and i had time to spare during some work event, so i went over to take a look. Amethystory series was having like their whole line of products on 50% off so i decided to get the eye roller! used this in the morning before applying my make up and at night before i sleep (not too sure if its ok to use it that way tho). no visible results yet, but i guess it takes time right!

i got this at $6ish which was a damn good deal la!! wanted to try their other products too but i controlled(:


last week was a really rough week, there were tears and heart aches and headaches due to multiple reasons and happenings. but im glad that i/we pulled through it together. some things said that night struck me alot and i couldnt imagine having to deal with the loss & pain. so imma reflect & pray more and surrender myself to God’s will. Deep in my heart i know for sure that this is what i want, and i hope i will improve and strengthen your faith in me, and in us.

If you’re reading this, you know who you are and what this paragraph is about. let’s continue to be that pillar of support for each other, i love you.


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