where has 2013 gone?

its been a while now since i last blogged, and i know i keep saying this to start off my blog posts but this time its REALLY quite a while since i’ve updated. last time i checked, the last entry was September 2012 and right now, its Aug 2013. wow almost a year!

i guess blogging is just going to eat up too much time with the typing and loading the pictures and all that. so i admit ive been lazy oopsie. and seriously where has 2013 gone? its flying by too fast!

in a real brief summary, these are what ive been up to or what has happened this year to date:
1) i’ve passed my 1 year mark at SCS in June and gone through 2 RACs (that’s crazy)
2) Don & i have signed the lease to our BTO in Jul and it should be ready in 2017 or early 2018
3) completed my 1st marathon: Pocari Sweat Run 5km (short distance for regular runners but it felt like 50km to me lol)
4) settled in to my current rented house at Pasir Ris & successfully decorated my room in white and pink accents (yay!)
5) coloured my hair red for CNY this year but it faded within weeks to a brown 😦
6) finally bought my 1st insurance policy: hospitalisation & rider
7) switched from blackberry to iphone 5
8) left Pure Yoga and joined True Fitness, and i’ve been loving Body Combat!
9) attended 3 friends’ weddings
10) been really into make up and trying out beauty stuffs, thanks to the youtubers that i follow who have been introducing interesting products!

so enough of the wordy update, here are some pictures from the very recent JB 2D1N trip that i took over the long hariraya-nationalday long break with don, yuanyu and her boyfriend:

Yuanyu with the spread

Day 1 lunch: Hakka food

The hotel that we stayed in


Don & my room: Mystique/Mysterious Blue (?)

Yuanyu & her <3

Day 1 dinner: Da Ma Market

Cereal Crayfish

Sambal stingray with special thai onion condiments

Da Ma Market

newly opened Xu Liu Shan at City Sq!

favourite buys!

We always make it a point to check out Etude House in JB because their prices are cheaper than SG and they are always having some sort of a sale. So true enough, they were having a 1-for-1 deal and Yuanyu & i had to grab some of their nail polishes. i finally got my hands on the ice cream cone series that they launched, isnt the packaging the cutest?! and i’m currently wearing the shrek/bright green polish, its so unique!!

its our first time double-dating and we went all the way to JB hahha quite adventurous huh? but i’d say that all of us got along well and the trip was awesome, lots of laughs and the guys bonded over waiting for us girls taking our time in shops hahah. definitely looking forward to short trips together again in the future if time allows πŸ˜€

and now, here are some outfit shots that i like, all taken over a period of almost a year obviously hahah:








I will come back soon, i promise, with some reviews on products that i’ve been loving this year. Till then, i’m looking forward to how the month of August will unfold for me (:


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