Products i’ve used up / empties

Hi everyone!

I recently finished up some of my stuffs and thought i’d just put it up here (: not alot of things to share and they are mostly sample/mini sized ones so its actually not really a massive amount hahah.


This is an ingenious product for those mornings when you wake up late to wash your hair before going to work, or when i’m heading to the gym during the weekends but my hair is yucky and oily :s love love love how light this is and how good it smells! basically this is like a shampoo in a spray and it makes my hair feels so refreshed! i purchasd the travel sized one from watsons for $4 and finished this up quite some time ago. Full-sized bottle purchased already too, in the scent “lace”!


So L’oreal came out with their “ever..” series and i needed a travel sized conditioner to bring along for gym. decided to try this one that’s new and got the eversleek one for smoother, sleeker (duh) hair. finally ran out of it and i’m still searching for a new conditioner to try! However, i like the “ever” series and have since ran out and got the Evercreme leave in conditioner! Too bad its a full sized one so i cant bring it along to gym.

100ml 8991380700609

tanaka white

Again, 2 travel sized facial foam for gym. ahahha all these seem to be stuffs that i’ve been using up in the gym lol. Nothing much to rave about, they’re just pretty standard facial wash that do what they are supposed to.

sephora eyeliner

Now, this sephora liquid liner is my 2nd bottle that i finished and it says something about this liner because i like to try out new stuffs and will normally purchase a new line to experiment. Thing is i didnt even get to know about this first hand! got it for a birthday present i think 2-3 years ago and immediately fell in love with how tiny the applicator is. So when i finished that, i purchased the 2nd bottle myself!

However, i noticed that this liner smudges below my outer eye corners recently so i’m looking around for a water-proof formula for my next eyeliner!

Ok that’s all for today! I think i will share my shower/hygiene routine & the products that i’ve been using next. till then, ciao ❤


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