Epicurious Cafe

This is long overdue (whats new) from last Saturday’s brunch with don. He was sleeping over the previous night so its perfect to have a nice brunch in the morning. we actually woke up pretty early, but had a hard time deciding which new brunch place to try that day hahah. so alot of time was spent on google / hungrygowhere / ladyironchef lol.

Decided on Epicurious Cafe along Boat Quay in the end and we were lucky enough to have a spot almost immediately.

the food was not as expensive as Wild Honey and the scrambled eggs was pretty good. i like ’em a little runny(:

anw, i’ve yet again failed to update this space over a span of 2 months plus. i left my job at OCBC contact centre mid June just days before my anniversary as an employee there and joined Singapore Cancer Society as a Fund Raising Exec. its been a roller-coaster ride this past month, helping with the Race Against Cancer (only the biggest event ever) and putting in extra time almost every single day for the last 3 wks or so.

i have no experience whatsoever in this line but its been kinda fun & exciting so far, so i am glad i took this plunge. lets hope i am good in this, so far my manager & seniors have complimented me on my organisation skills so im flattered(:

anyhoots, the race event was yesterday 22/7/2012 and the team was there as early as 4am. i was a busy bee at the info counter & making sure every booth got the correct logistics so no pictures at all. but i got a few decent shots from the previous site recee. check my fb & the scs’ fb page for more!

on a site note, because we are compensated with an offday today, i managed to catch up with alot of sleep time, did my own pedicure, touched up on my disgusting hair (diy hair dye ftw!) and created a twitter account. so ok off i go now to follow all the bloggers & friends i can identify from there lol.

follow me on twitter for some shameless outfit posts/ food posts/ girlfriends camwhoring pics/ loveydovey pics with don lol.




of recent dates with girlfriends

gonna just spam photos here, title is pretty much self-explanatory(:

1. dinner at pique-nique @ Jcube with my favourite colleagues

2. JB trip with yuanyu last saturday where we spent all our RMs till the last coin

3. yanning’s belated dinner @ Antoinette (Mandarin Gallery)

and ending this post with one of my favourite outifit combo: blue + polka dots + crochet:

i’m having my period = angst.
goodnight world. 2 more days to wkend


been thinking alot about investing in a branded leather bag/wallet /clutch recently. i dont know why, probably since i’ve been working for almost a year now and just feel like buying something nice for myself?

not like i can save most of my salary due to the tuition fee loan & house rent & my constant shopping (o.O) but i’m  like really super tempted to buy something branded #materialgirlmuch.

this bag is purrrrrfect for going to yoga after work. like i can totally imagine lugging this givenchy love to the yoga studio! saw this at Reebonz or something for S$4k plus, yikes.

and this clutch from Miu Miu…so beautiful. it comes in many colours but if i were to splurge on something, imma definitely getting a dark colour like black, stone, brown, etc. my heart will bleed if it gets stains. seriously.

anw the clucth is way cheaper cos obviously it holds much less stuff. i think its going for abt s$700 in boutiques so im really considering this heheh. and i love clutches! they’re so dainty & feminine.




and im on 2 days mc woot woot \m/ gonna go for 2 yoga classes laterz & meet up with serene & yingqi for dinner tomorrow evening. oh gosh such a luxury.

list of things to do:
– send resume / visit a job agency
– laundry
– spam yoga classes
– take long showers & use my scrubs

omg i love MC days!!

dinner date with yuanyu <3

had a hot late afternoon shopping cum dinner date with yuanyu yesterday. caught up with each other’s lives over some cheap shopping at bugis strees, followed by dinner at Pornsak’s thai restaurant – Porn’s and our favourite frolick yogurt lastly.

mega diet fail day :s

we totally over-ordered for 2:

the stuffed chicken wings were brimming with stuffings & the sauce goes very well with them(: and they are so generous with the chicken chunks in our tom yum pot! #impressed

but the only thing we managed to clean was the stuffed wings lol. huge-ass portions so pls share your orders!

and here’s my new camwhoring toy from taiwan:

played more with it at home AHHAHAH pls dont puke:

and lastly, here was what i wore yesterday since it was such a cold, rainy day: loads of crochet & knits!

i think we all agreed that i looked kinda like peterpan. and in yuanyu’s words: tinkerberry (i.e. tinkerbell LOL)

hauls march 2012

happy easter to everyone(: the long weekend was awesome, but too short as usual.

its been (again) too long since i last updated this space and i’m back to share some recent new buys from the month of march! recently got hooked to masks and so i made good use of my Watson’s vouchers by trying out new masks in the market:

i got the killadoll & hello kitty ones from gmarket btw! cheaper than on retail stores, for about $11 mailed for 6 masks 😀 so worth it, imma happy happy girl. havent tried any of them yet though so shall not make any comments about the masks. but definitely gonna try 2 of them this coming week(:

also purchased 2 NYX products from smoochiez because this brand is mega popular amongst the girls in the states & they’re super affordable. delivery was fast too, with the products bubble-wrapped for safety:

what i bought: cream rouge blush (tea rose) & tinted lip spa (vintage)

super love the cream blush, very lasting & it gives me the sunkissed glowing look all day teehee

and two random buys: $3 belt from bugis & cute chopstix (2 for $5)

and ending this post with a few pictures of loverboy & me

lol mud mask credits to sheirly who’s recently back from Japan for a wk & is flying off to vietnam tmr:( our days in sg tgtr are too short-lived. but we went for a few yoga classes tgtr this wk & even squeezed some time out for Hunger Games!

see you in another 3 weeks & take loads of care ❤

golden dragon 2012

its chu xi ye and the whole chinese community is probably having sumptuous dinner with their family or watching the countdown or whatever, but i am here blogging because i have nth to do:(

well, at least i managed to clean up the house abit and changed the bedsheets. although my comforter was rained on (ARGH) while i was hanging it outside to dry wth what a suay start to the year. as usual it’s only my brother and i for tuan yuan fan and i was too lazy/tired to prepare dinner, so we ordered pizza hut and ate dinner while watching Mulan 2 on channel 5.


i’m keeping my goal to lose x kg (not gonna say cos i dont really know how much i wanna lose) this year, so i’ve signed on with Pure Yoga for 12 months and omg my credit card bill’s exploding because i had to pay 2 months’ subsciption upfront + joining fee and thats already $500++ crazy expensive. i’m determined to go at least twice a week and i’m getting hooked!

i’m also eating WAY less, sucessfully avoiding rice at every meal the past week 😀 and i downloaded this app called My Fitness Pal which i found out from another blogger, so i’ve been inputting my calorie intake almost everyday! lol talk about obsessed.

and here’s sharing some photos from happenings this month:

and look what my sweet colleagues got for me for my birthday:D

birthday night ended with dinner with my lover boy and drinks at timbre (: we were a little tipsy so cabbed home to sleep at 11ish hehe. that week, i drank almost 4 days straight tsk tsk omgoshh.

on a side note, i was sunning my washed bedsheets + comforter in the afternoon and then it RAINED omg. i brought them in and rewashed them…and i sunned them again..AND IT RAINED.AGAIN. WTSSSSSSSSS shows how unlucky im gonna be this dragon year. nehnehpok.

the 1st of 2012

recently read my zodiak readings for the year 2012 and its not good at all. and i thought 2012 being a dragon year and all is supposed to being the dragons more luck..nehnehpok.

so anw, i had a very quiet nye this year, curled up like a ball with don watching the countdown performance at the float on  teevo and toasting the new year with a bottle of beer with his family. i much prefer such private events as compared to going to parties with the crowd, getting too old and boring.

and my upper right wisdom tooth is infected so i visited the dentist super last minute for an extraction. it was throbbing since ytd night and was worse today, couldnt talk properly and so no work for me. its a good thing its only an extraction and not surgery (cost a bomb omg). 2 days mc ftw!!

see? not a good start to my 2012 right.

anyhow, ive been spending my money on a few new things and my titanium pink card has been getting swiped way more than it should be. i blame this impulsiveness on the festive season and sale 😡 got myself a new MAC powder under the Studio Fix series, new heels and of course a few pieces of new clothes heheh. that should be the last of my shopping already (i hope).

thinking of joining Pure Yoga for a year of unlimitted classes! one step forward to losing weight(:

and here’s a happy picture of me and don from a few days ago to end this post (my hair looks so brown hahah yay) :